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Monday, 1 September 2008

Twinned with Colmar

Christmas at Colmar, France. Taken by Vincent Denefeld the 27th of November 2005. This work of art is distributed under the Free Art license.

The CDPB theme for 1st September 2008 is "Sister Cities" which is the American term for what we generally call "Town Twinning". It is a concept whereby towns or cities in geographically and politically distinct areas are paired, with the goal of fostering human contact and cultural links.

In March 1962, the two councils of Hyde and Colmar decided to establish friendly relations under the auspices of the Council of European Municipalities.

The North-West Film Archive has a 16mm film of the CEREMONY OF TWINNING BETWEEN THE BOROUGH OF HYDE AND THE TOWN OF COLMAR, FRANCE produced by G. Wain in 1963. Lasting 4 mins 54 secs it includes brief exteriors of Hyde Town Hall, followed by interiors featuring participants from both towns, speeches and ceremony.

A number of George Wain's films have been featured here, but we have been unable to locate a copy of this one.

The Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre has only a few items related to the twinning, but they include a typescript of the speech by the Mayor of Colmar on 3rd September 1965 in which he says
In the arms of Hyde, which are those of a dynamic and active town, proud of its miners, its textiles and metal workers, there is a word which sums up the programme of your municipality and the aims of your citizens. That word is "ONWARD" ... It is this "ONWARD" spirit that we hope will characterise our partnership and help to draw the citizens of our two towns closer together in brotherly friendship and fruitful collaboration.
Forty-two years on and the arrangement appears to have been virtually forgotten.

More information about the twinning can be found on Hyde Daily Photo.

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  1. I'll say it again, avery pretty town to be twinned with, and such an in depth post pertaining to Colmar. I am finding this them to be fascinating.

  2. Well, maybe your posts will heighten community interest in more contacts once again. A charming photo you found to use.

  3. Lovely photo of what looks to be a beautiful place. I'd not heard of Colmar and now see where it is.

  4. Interesting information and lovely photo, Gerald!

    We have a few sister cities and a friendship city, which I think is similar to Hyde's relationship with Colmar.

    Hope all is well your way!

  5. A great town for Xmas markets. And the roundabout on entering the town of the statue of liberty, as its creator comes from Colmar.


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