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Old Hyde
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Monday, 27 October 2008

Broadbottom Station

These photographs were taken by Peter Whatley and are used here with permission.

This was taken on 2nd July 1988 from the cross-platform bridge looking towards Manchester.

Although the line now only goes to Glossop and Hadfield, until the 1960s there was a through service to London (St Marylebone).

Of this picture on Geograph, Peter writes
By 1988, almost all the structure had been sold for use as a restaurant. British Rail retained the "lean to" section nearest the camera as a booking office.

Of this photograph from 1977 Peter writes that it shows the station in substantially its original state with the railway booking hall and waiting room still available.

You can see how the station looks today on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. It was really fun to see the old & new side by side on CDP thumbnails.
    I like the ladies by the building - the whole scene reminds me of a sitcom with Penelope Keith & Felicity Kendal I used to watch in the early '80s - I loved the one where Felicity's husband decides to go back to simple farm life in middle of suburbs - I thought the two leads were so romantic together.

  2. lovely to see the old building has been maintained - interesting before and after shots, although they dont look much different

  3. You do a great service when you post these older pictures.
    I really enjoy them.
    You are now on my Christmas list!


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