Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Monday, 24 November 2008

Apethorn Farm

Originally this was a cruck-framed longhouse from the 15th century.

It was encased in rubble in the 17th century and later with brick.

In 1831 it was the scene of a murder.

In 1928 it was divided into cottages and then in 1993 a fire reduced to it to just the original cruck frame.

You can see how it looked in 2000 in this earlier post


  1. I don't know if I can adequately express myself here, but your photos of humble buildings that were built before my country was even settled (by Europeans) is a constant source of distraction!


    Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

  2. A murder! Perish the thought.It looks so innocent.

  3. this is incredible. Such history. I wonder if it's haunted? And thanks for the link to the Images of England site, that is invaluable.

  4. does it seem a little lop-sided or is it just me?
    i love big old properties like this - we have very few of these in good condition in the country, but in town they seem to be getting renovated and are serving as banks and other offices.


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