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Old Hyde
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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hyde Town Hall 1898

Taken from The Annals of Hyde, which says
The Town Hall was erected in 1883-4 at a cost of £10,000. The foundation stone was laid by Mr. Thos. Ashton, the first mayor, and the building was opened by the second mayor, Mr. Edward Hibbert. The Town Hall Clock and Bells were generously presented by Mr. Joshua Bradley, a retired spinner, who for some years occupied a seat on the Council.
This important function took place on Saturday, June 30th, 1883, when, in the presence of a large and enthusiastic assembly and in beautiful weather, Mr. Thomas Ashton (then Mayor), discharged the principal duties of the ceremony. The event was hailed as a red-letter incident in the affairs of Hyde, and the actual laying of the stone was preceded by a procession in which bands of music, the various friendly societies, the Sunday schools, the members of the Corporation, and other representative bodies took part. Practically all Hyde turned out to assist in the demonstration and the town presented a lively appearance. The streets were thronged with people, every business place displayed flags and bannerets, and the front of the platform where the main event of the day was enacted, was lavishly decorated with over 500 flags and streamers of every conceivable hue. The various public bodies taking part in the procession, amounting altogether to some 3,000 people, assembled in Crook's Square, off Union Street, at 3 o'clock. The procession was led by the Borough Band and the Hyde Corps of the 4th Cheshire Rifle Volunteers. The Mayor, who wore his gold chain and badge, brought up the rear. At the principal scene of operations the Mayor was presented, by Mr. Alderman John Thornely on behalf of the Town Council, with a handsome silver trowel, with which his Worship proceeded to lay the memorial stone. Before finally adjusting the stone the Mayor placed in the cavity underneath it, a tin box containing a copy of the Charter, an abstract of the accounts for the previous year, a list of the Councillors and officers of the borough, copies of the local newspapers, and a few of the current coins of the realm. The conclusion of the ceremony was marked by the firing of cannon at the back of the platform and the playing of the Hallelujah Chorus by the united bands.
Today's post on Hyde Daily Photo shows the details of the Foundation Stone.


  1. I'm so glad you got hold of a copy of Thomas Middletons book.... is is without doubt crammed full of our local history..

    This is a great post Gerald... even with Middleton's book there's still a lot of work gone into this post and I want you to know it is very much appreciated by some... my sister in Bolton and both my brothers regular stop by here and Hyde Daily and find it a great way to keep up with whats going on in town now, and either be entertained by the history or reminded of it. Keep up the good work my friend

  2. For anyone who does not hold a copy of Middletons book, it can be download from a number of digital libraries.

  3. Hyde Town Hall was built by the firm of Samuel Robinson and Sons, who also built Hyde Hospital, the old Grammar School, Hyde Technical School & Free Library, the original swimming pool, the Theatre Royal and many homes in the Lumn Road & Travis St. area. Samuel married Elizabeth Shepley of The Lumn and built his family home (Kensington House) at 50 Stockport Road, Hyde.

  4. I have just found a large Commemorative Medal for the Opening of Hyde Town Hall, 1885 by the Mayor Edward Hibbert Esq. On the rear of the Medal is an impression of Hyde Town Hall. Have you come across one of these lately?

  5. We also have found a commemorative coin from 1885. Any information on this would be appreciated.


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