Friday, 2 October 2009

Gee Cross Post Office 1982

Another photograph by Janet Howie showing Gee Cross Post Office at the corner of Stockport Road and School Lane.

It is no longer a Post Office, falling foul of the general closure of numerous sub-offices, despite a concerted campaign against it. When I posted a photograph of the former Post Office someone asked "Is the new one near?". Well no you have to go all the way into town to the Main Post Office.

Someone else remarked "At least they kept the post box." In this shot the post box is behind the two ladies. It has since been moved round the corner into School Lane.

One thing hasn't changed - there is still a newsagents next door.


  1. That place has a lot of history and mailed a lot of letters in its time!

  2. I'm certain that there's always been a post box outside.

    As for J and J Hurst, they were there are the newsagents for many many years. Paper rounds were the only 'employment' for many tenagers in the village. Jack and Judith have been retired quite a long time now, but I think still live in a neighbouring village.

  3. This is a fine building Gerald.... I recall my old school teacher Mr Souter being the postmaster there.

  4. Did the same Mr Souter become a window cleaner for the village?

  5. If you look behind the ladies in the picture you can actually see the post box, pictures from the 50's show it in the same place

  6. Thanks Shelley - the PO box is now round the corner on School Lane - I've edited the post to reflect your information. Alas TMBC don't permit linking direct to their archived images.


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