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Old Hyde
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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Albion Oil Works (updated)

Frederick Wild manufactured all kinds of cog and waterwheel greases at the Albion Oil Works which I thought was on Albion Street.

Albion street was demolished in the late 1990s and the area transformed into the Croft Millennium Green.

See how it looks now on Hyde Daily Photo.

I've since discovered that works was not located on Albion Street but was on John Street behind the Albion pub.


  1. The advert looks older than the 1950s. I would say 1880's, going on the clothing of the women & the horses and carts.

  2. This picture is of particular interest to me because Frederick Wild was my Great Grandfather & the business continued as the family business until my Grandfather George Wild died in his early 40's around 1924.
    Frederick Wild & his wife Marie Wild are buried in St Georges graveyard, sadly the double grave memorial was removed my the Church of England many years ago.
    Thank you for posting this picture


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