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Old Hyde
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Saturday, 1 November 2014

A brief history of Hyde Grammar School

The original Hyde Grammar School was founded in 1877 on the corner of Henry Street and Edna Street.

It is now a sheet-metal factory.

A new building on Clarendon Road costing £12,000 was opened as the "New County School" on September 17th 1912 by Sir George Dixon, chairman of the County Council. Large extensions to the building were made and opened in 1929 and at that time the name was changed to "Hyde Grammar School".

It closed its doors to 11 year olds in 1979. When the last intake had progressed to the Sixth Form, it became Hyde Sixth Form College. It later merged with Ashton Sixth Form college to form Tameside College after which it was known as Hyde Clarendon Sixth Form College.

Photographs of the current building can be found on Hyde Daily Photo and Hyde DP Xtra.

Videos on YouTube that feature Hyde Grammar School include:
Hyde Grammar School Football Team 1946 by George Wain.
Hyde Grammer School Sports Day 1946 by George Wain.
Hyde Grammar School, Nunc Amici, The School Song by Sefton Wallet.
Hyde Grammar School: Boys of '57 Reunion by Sefton Wallet.
Hyde Grammar School: More boys from '57 by Sefton Wallet.
Hyde Grammar School Photo July 1959 by Sefton Wallet.
Hyde Grammar School: The Staff of 1959 by Sefton Wallet.

Current plans for Tameside College are to transfer all services to a new centre in Ashton under Lyne and then sell the site to a developer for demolition. An e-petition has been launched - Save Hyde Clarendon College from demolition.

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  1. Where did the House names, Ashton, Brown,Chapman and Gordon originate? Any information on this woul be helpful to my history of Hyde Grammar School. More than likely, Ashton was Ashton Brothers. Who were the other three? Email. leslieofhyde@gmail.com T .I . A.


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