Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Gee Cross Mill

This photograph of the Peak Forest Canal with Gee Cross Mill in the background is by Peter Stockdale. It was published on Photo Archives of the Peak Forest Canal and is reshown here with permission.

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  1. The mill in the background as so many memories for.
    I could see this from my bedroon window each morning when I lived on Cheetham Fold Road.
    I remember it as a working mill and then it was shut for years. I played inside it, and explored every nook and cranny. I found my first barn owl's nest in the old boiler house. Where it said Gee Cross at the top a brick was missing and a Kestral nested there.
    I have watched the sun rise and set from the roof.
    I was sad to see it pulled down, but what is there now is more pleasing to the eye.
    Great Post


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