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Old Hyde
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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Staff of Cockshoots Garage

This photograph, taken circa 1967, was sent to us by Ian Swindells.

It shows some of the staff of Cockshoots Garage, Dowson Road.

On the left is car-cleaner Ethel; 3rd from left is Tommy Rowbotham; 5th from left is Billy Rushton. The guy sitting down on the right is Roy Ives, whose son Steve raced motorbikes. Ian's dad is Bill Swindells who was Roy Ive's apprentice and drove the Moggy 1000 van.

Cockshoots Garage later became Lex and later still Bells.

The car showroom was demolished in 2006 and retirement apartments built on the site.


  1. I've heard of some of them, Steve Ives I know very well and I've watched him race many a time... I walked past this garage many a time in the 70s, in fact I would wake up in a car at the back of there after a heavy night on Boddingtons Bitter in either the Church or Cheese.
    The Moggy Van is a cracker and would be worth a mint now.
    Great post which bought memories flooding back.

  2. Roy ives still has a mechanic's shop on haughton street in hyde.


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