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Old Hyde
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Monday, 3 December 2007

Haughton Green Equitable Cooperative Society Ltd

This picture of a Haughton Green Equitable Cooperative Society Ltd anniversary plate was sent to us by Fred Anderson who tells us that the old coop was opposite the "tommy todd".

His family lived in Gibraltar Lane before moving to Gee Cross, and finally left the area in 1967.


  1. What a great plate that is.. This area had a big Cooperative Movement and at one time must have been a good employer.
    Now then Gerald.... 'Tommy Todds' this is new to me... can you enlighten me?

  2. Nice to see mementos preserved.

  3. The Tommy Todd was the local name for the village green, thus labelled Haughton Green on old maps and the open space still remains !
    Fred Anderson
    Norton Saint Philip

  4. We still call it Tommy Todd too!

  5. The centre of the "Tommy" had brick paving in a circle about eight feet diameter and a gas lamp?.
    Also on the "Tommy" was a playground with swings which were removed after a serious accident involving a boy called Walter Hardy & Herbert Minshall, circa 1935.The playground was at the church end opposite the Jolly Carter.


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