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Old Hyde
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Saturday, 22 September 2007

Gibraltar Mill & Gibraltar Row

Gibraltar Mill lay by the River Tame between Apethorn and Haughton Dale. It was demolished in the 1960s.

This row of houses has also long since gone.


  1. I grew up with this area, I remember the factory being demolished, and I remember these home being called 'Gib Row'. This was a very secluded spot to live, nestled between the canal and the river. The lights of the mill and gas lamps would have give this whole area a strang glow when the mist rolled off the river Tame.

  2. Nice trip between your blogs.
    Cute cooperation.
    Un beau duo !

  3. I bet that strange glow was a sight to see. As I viewed your Mill and Row photos, I couldn't help looking for "the rock of Gibralter". Is this where that saying comes from?

  4. I remember Gib Row when it was just a couple of roofless shells left plus some dank air raid shelters. My mum and I would walk down Gib Lane past old man Burley's house with the bench in the hedge, over the bridge and up to the canal and up past Gee Cross to Woodley to visit my aunt. I've lived in Australia for 30 years now and your photos bring back such memories. Thanks!

    -- Nick

  5. The bench was inscribed in Lancashire dialect with the words, or to this affect.
    "Coome sit thi dawn, and rest thi sen it wina cost thi owt" The old man was called Burley Key, the local historian. I used to deliver his newpaper.

  6. The small kiosk that you can just see the roof of at the bottom right of the photo was a gas governor house. One of my first jobs when I joined the governor dept.of NWGB at Stockport was to go with the fitter I was apprentice to and finish the job that a fitter had started the day before but he was overcome by gas and died there!
    Lee Brown.


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