Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Church Inn, 1902

The coronation of Edward VII was set for 26th June 1902.

On Werneth Low, a bonfire was built.

Two days before the ceremony, the King was taken ill and the actual coronation postponed until 9th August.

The bonfire went ahead as planned as did celebrations at Godley Hill.

This was the scene outside the Church Inn.

The last time I saw any celebrations at the Church Inn was in 2006 when England were playing in the World Cup.

Later that year it closed down and reopened as Tylers but before long it became another dead pub.

Recently it has opened again under the name Route 66.


  1. fantastic shot. Beer at the Church!

  2. interesting how the angle or the camera of the original shot makes the pub look taller. If only those walls could talk.

  3. Route 66? Not sure about that. hose are hectic scenes.

  4. I can't imagine Route 66 lasting too long, that name may fly in California but not in the North of England. Here they have tried naming pubs after popular TV shows such as Cheers and Friends but they never last long and get renamed.

  5. "Louis" assumes that the 'Route 66' name is derived from that famous route across much of the U.S. from Chicago to California. "Louis" once lived in Amarillo, TX, through which Route 66 passed. Route 66 was replaced by Interstate 40. In the U.S., there is a huge nostalgia business built around Route 66.

  6. Louis' explanation is the only one I can think of for naming the pub "Route 66." I love your dual posts of old and new.


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