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Old Hyde
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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Gower Hey Bank in the 1950s

Gower Hey Bank, a large house at the end of Osborne Road, was once the home of Thomas Middleton, one time Mayor and author of the Annals of Hyde.

More recently in the 1950s it was the home of then teenager Denys Meakin who emigrated to Canada in 1959 and who has kindly sent me this photograph.

Today the site contains a small estate of modern houses named Gower Hey Gardens which back onto Gower Hey Woods.

You can see the fence and banking on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. I remember this house Gerald, it over looked the woods at the bottom of Gower Hay.... I remember in being flats as well.... I never realised until quite resently it was no longer there... What a shame that the house that Thomas Middleton wrote the History of Hyde in is now but a memory.... can you imagine what stories that house could have told... I have a vision of grand dances being held there where the men would all be in evening dress, and the ladys in beautiful flowing ball gowns.. long gone days for sure Gerald.

  2. Linda said.....
    I remember the house in the 60's & 70's where I enjoyed my childhood.
    Remembering the cellars and the srvants bells. The attics and the leaded windows. The gold leaf onthe ceiling my father painted for my mother in the room wher children were not allowed. The orchard and the hens the woods and the bedrooms with roaring fires on Christmas morning- a wonderful place for a young family to grow up.
    Unfortunately my mother sold the house after my father died. The last time I went to sevisit it was a pile of rubble - I've never been back but I agree there are probably still the memories of parties on the lawn and large family gatherings for those of us who were privaliged to live there.
    Fortunately I still have my photos.

    1. Dear Linda,
      If you have photographs - please publish them. I lived at 20 Osborne Road from 1953 to 1971 - I think we were so lucky.

      I remember the Mass of Rhododendrons flanking the drive way - the very small garage to the left of the drive of which half was built out of corrugated iron and full of spiders. However, I think the most enduring memory was the light at the bottom of the staircase - just real class!

      Philip Rhodes

  3. My name is Catherine and I am Linda's sister, I also have some fantastic memories of growing up in Gower Hey Bank. The best days of my life were spent in that house and the surrounding woods. Like Linda last time I went to visit the old family home it was a pile of rubble and have been unable to go back since and I aslo have some photographs to remind me of my childhood home.

  4. My grandads mum and dad owned this house 1950s

  5. Late 50's and early 60's this wonderful house with its attics & cellars was home for the Meakin Family including sons Deny's, David and my best pal Anthony. I remember Mr Meakin pulling down the huge lean to greenhouse when it became unsafe.

    Phil Rhodes


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