Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Slack Mills

Looking down Stockport Road from Gee Cross into Hyde about 100 years ago.

Taken from near the crossroads with Osborne Road and Peel Street, the scene is dominated by Slack Mills. The site was taken over early in the 1900s by James North whose firm patented the PVC glove in 1947.

I recently posted a 1993 view of the factory from Werneth Low.

The mill was demolished in 1998 and the only monument is the restored James North Clock.

See how the view from the same vantage point looks today on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. The tramlines are so evocative.

  2. fantastic enlarged, almost sci fi it's so unreal to the modern eye

  3. My grandmother worked at Slack Mills. Mrs Smethurst. I don't know her first name. Never did. I think she was a spinner.


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