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Old Hyde
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Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Tomb of Thomas Beeley

I was recently sent this old photograph of the Beeley Tomb by Shane Sawyer who now lives in Australia.

I wasn't sure where it was but the building on the left in the background looked very much like Hyde Hospital so I surmised it was located in Hyde Cemetery. Houses have been built on Grange Road South in the meantime so the view across to the old hospital would be blocked now.

I found the tomb in Hyde Cemetery. It sits alone from the rest of the graves just North of the chapel.

The railings are now covered in vegetation precluding any view beyond.

On this old photograph only the following part of the inscription is visible
In loving memory of Thomas Beeley of Polebank Hall, Hyde who died June 5th 1908 in the 75th year of his age. Also of Elizabeth ...
Now the inscription on the Southern side is so worn as to be barely readable. However the Northern side is still visible and reads
In loving memory of Elsbeth Jessie, daughter of T.C & L.A. Beeley of Bowlacre, Gee Cross. Born March 31st 1901, Died August 16th 1901. Also of the above named Thomas Carter Beeley born October 10th 1869, died June 9th 1909.
Alongside the tomb now is a smaller gravestone in loving memory of Jane Slater of Brookfield, Woodend Lane, Hyde who died April 4th 1926 in her 57th year.

Other short-lived daughters of Thomas Beeley are buried at St. George's.

For the contemporary photographs visit Hyde Daily Photo and Hyde DP Xtra.

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  1. I really should have a good look around there.. it is a whilesince I went there.


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