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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Inside Hallbottom Gate Inn 1990

Last week I brought you some photographs taken by Alan Young of the Dukinfield Arms 1990.

A guitarist with the classic rock band, Par Avion from Charleston, WV, he came over in June 1990, together with Tim Thompson (manager & bass guitarist), Brian Young (drummer), Tena Hall (vocalist and now his wife) and Dennis Loudermilk (sound technician). They stayed with Harry Anderson the landlord of the Dukinfield Arms, and performed gigs there, at the Hallbottom Gate Inn in Newton and somewhere called Richmond's (?).

These photographs are from their gigs at the Hallbottom Gate Inn. It looks as though their music was extremely well recieved.

I wonder what has happened to the juke-box pictured here and that fireplace. One thing that you won't see inside a pub these days are those huge heavy ash-trays since smoking in pubs was banned a few years ago.

I was intending to get up and photograph the pub as it is now before posting these photographs but I understand it has recently closed and is due to be demolished. For information and other photos of the outside of the inn see Tom and Nancy's new blog Hyde Cheshire

Some of Tom Wigley's photographs of the Hallbottom Gate Inn can be found on Hyde DP Xtra.


  1. Gerald, great pictures, I know at least one person on them. Thanks for the mention... if you'd like a copy of the outside let me know and I'll email it to you.

  2. Great scenes, so many happy faces, and not a mobile phone in sight.

    A true modern by-gone era. :(

  3. Martin Brannigan30 October 2010 at 09:11

    these pics bring back some great memories. I could name loads of the people in them myself as one of them as a regular drinker and member of staff. I then went on to become manager of the pub before the brewery(Bass) got rid of it and that is when the nails started to go in to the coffin. I now find it quite disheartening to see the state of the building that was once the heart of Newton for many people


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