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Old Hyde
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Newtonhurst from the air, 1922, 1935.

This image from 1935 is © English Heritage from Britain from the air.

In the foreground is the former Newton Hurst cricket ground around which are five blocks of terraced houses built in 1920.

A front view of the two blocks facing Victoria Road can be seen on Hyde Daily Photo and on Hyde DP Xtra.

Victoria avenue runs across the middle of the photograph with Cartwight Street leading off at a sharp angle to meet Talbot Road which runs across the top of the photograph.

Most of the open space between Victoria Street and Talbot Road continues to be a recreation ground for the area.

This image from the Roots chat forum shows the ground in 1922.

According to the play-cricket website
Newtonhurst began life in the early part of the twentieth century as the Newton Mill works team, and played in a variety of leagues, including the Hyde & District League, the Glossop & District League, the High Peak League, and for a short period in the 1950s they even competed in the heady heights of the North Western League.

In 1972, the cricket team metamorphosed from Newton Mill into Newtonhurst, and similar to their forebears, competed in the Glossop & District League for a short period. This was followed by an even shorter exodus to the Denton & District League, before joining the Ashton Cricket League in 1980. The Ashton Cricket League merged to form the Ashton & Oldham Cricket Alliance in 2005, though sadly folded following the completion of the 2011 season. Thus, Newtonhurst are now currently members of the Saturday section of the Greater Manchester Amateur League (GMAL).
I'm not certain where they play their matches now. New houses were built on the site of the former ground in about the early 1980s with the roads bearing sporting names including Charlton Avenue, Perry Avenue, Stathom Fold and Mallory Road so retaining a reminder of yesteryear.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday.


  1. Love the old photo.

    abcw team

  2. This is simple but utterly fascinating compare-and-contrast.

  3. Brilliant, these old photos of Britain from above!
    Thanks for your contribution, Gerald!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  4. What a fantastic aerial view!
    It is almost going to be a century!

  5. Quite good for a photo from 1935! Love bird's eyed view images:)

  6. Still great detail in the 1935 photo, great black and white.

  7. I believe the houses were built in 1973. Our family purchased one on Charlton Avenue from another family in 1976.

  8. We bought number 13 Newtonhurst (later Charlton Avenue) in 1973. The land had already been sold off to developers but the bowling green was still there. It must have been a lovely spot in its heyday - such a pity ! Joan and Leo

  9. We are fortunate enough to Have lived in the middle house with the writing on for the last 20years, we love it, and we have the best neighbours. The house is 100years old this year so if your passing during august you’ll see we have the bunting out. Patrick


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