Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Thursday, 10 January 2008

A 30-year old map

This copy of the Ordnance Survey 1:50000 map was sent to us by a correspondent in Canada. It is dated 1975.

Comparing it with my own OS map dated 1974, one major difference is that mine has the M67 Due to open summer 1976. According to the CRBD Motorway Database the Hyde bypass opened in 1978 and the Denton Relief Road in 1981. The M60 didn't arrive until 2000.

The other road changes are too detailed to go into here, but the railway changes are quite significant. Godley Junction was renamed Godley East for a while, before being closed.

New stations were built on the Glossop line:
  • Hattersley - at the point where the yellow road lies close to the railway.
  • Godley - on the North side of the A57.
  • Flowery Field - South of Hyde North which is on the line to Romily just below its junction with the Glossop line.
The line from Godley Junction to Woodley is now a footpath and part of the TransPennine Trail.

A couple of cyclists have publised an account of a journey along the old railway, together with photographs, on their Bike Rides around Greater Manchester website.


  1. I just hand held the camera with the map on the kitchen table during the day, this is my place to snap things during the day, the bananas on my blog for abc wednesday, same place on the table.

  2. http://www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk/england.htm

    Alan Godfrey maps have old Ordnance Survey maps, Hyde is from 1097 and they cost Two Pounds something, I bought a few of areas of interest to me and they are of high detail.


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