Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Tramlines at Gee Cross

This picture probably dates from the 1920s.

The tramlines here go down Stockport Road towards Hyde. The road going straight on is Mottram Old Road.

All that is left now at the junction is the old signpost minus an arm and minus the lamp on top. The houses behind have gone leaving a grassy embankment.


  1. I remember standing just up the road from that signpost waving a flag whist watching the Queen drive by... that was in the 1960s. We all walked the short distance from our Endfield street school and waited... as soon as the Queens car came by we waved our flags like mad. So here I am forty years later, I never know where I put my keys, I forget peoples names... and sometimes put the sugar bowl in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard.. but I remember that day very well.. the Queen worn a turquoise outfit... as a lad from a local council housing estate I'd never heard the word 'turquoise' before never mind knew it was a colour.
    Great Picture Gerald.

  2. I'm so enjoying these old photos of yours. Wow! I love the Cheshire area too. Spent lots of times there since 1960 when we moved to the UK from Canada.

    I would certainly appreciate your posting a condolence message in my blogs today for the wife of a good blogger friend...


    Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos

  3. I can remember the Queens visit too. I think there was a little gardens where the signpost is - is it still there now?


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