Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dowson Road 1982

Taken from the end of Queen Street, Janet Howie's photograph from 1982 shows the junction of Market Street and Dowson Road.

Compare it with my photograph of 2009 on Hyde Daily Photo.

Kelly's fishing tackle shop has gone along with the three adjacent shops. The first recognisable building is Robinson's funeral directors. The whole junction has been widened up with a left hand filter and pedestrian crossings.


  1. love the hominess and bright sky

  2. Thanks for this fascinating website, Gerald. James Ashton (1809-66)was my GG Grandfather and was the eldest surviving son of Samuel Oldham Ashton, owner of the Apethorne Mill.

    Samuel built Pole Bank, which I am certain you know, and before that lived at Gerrards. I have managed to find Pole Bank, now a nursing home, but does Gerrard's still exist?
    With regards,

  3. Hi Richard - I understand Gerrard's has been converted into two seperate private residences - don't know much as I've only lived here 20 years and only really started getting to know the place in the last few years.

  4. Wow! The memories come flooding back.

    I remember going into that fishing shop for bait when I was a school kid.

    Thanks Gerald, more please! :)

  5. If I remember correctly ,the corner shop was Alan Dishman,s Chemists in the


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