Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Hyde War Memorial Trust

A new website has just come online. The Hyde War Memorial Trust website has been set up to document the 710 men of Hyde who perished in the Great war of 1914-1919 (when the treaty of Versailles was actually signed). In time, it will contain a wealth of information relating to the men, the monument and the country park.

One of the first additions to the site is a copy of the original 1921 unveiling souvenir brochure.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dr. Beecroft's Surgery, c.1910

This photograph of a house on Church Street, c.1910 was sent to me by Yvonne Michelle from Arizona.

She is the great-great-grandaughter of Dr. Samuel Beecroft and Sarah Bloor and the great-granddaughter of Arthur Beecroft and Edith Mary Clegg. The Beecrofts were doctors and the house doubled as their surgery.

When Arthur Beecroft died at sea, while working as a ship's doctor, his wife Edith Clegg Beecroft sold the home and moved to Australia. She sent Yvonne's grandfather (11 years old at the time) to live with relatives in Texas, so he'd have better opportunities in America. Yvonne thinks her grandfather's nanny bought the house and was living there when her parents visited in 1974.

A photo taken by her mother in 1974 can be seen on Yvonne's blog C'est la vie. Update That link is now dead.

For a 2009 photograph and more on the subsequent history of the house, see Hyde Daily Photo.

Friday, 10 July 2009

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