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Old Hyde
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Friday, 19 June 2015

Fashion in the 1940s

At the recent Gee Cross Fete I was asked to photograph a newspaper cutting that included this photograph of a Mannequin Parade at Hyde Town Hall. I think it was a cutting from the North Cheshire Herald. There was a handwritten date of 1930 given but the text refers to clothing coupons and so it must in fact be from the 1940s.

There was no evidence of the battle for "the longer skirt", now said to be raging in the fashion houses of London and Paris, at the Mannequin Parade at the Town Hall Hyde, on Tuesday, presented by the Mayoress's Ladies' Committee and Clegg's, Newton Street, in aid of the Mayoress of Hyde's Hospital and Charity Fund. The models were all the current just-below-knee length. Gracfully displaying the wide range of styles were the Misses Doreen Tewson, Eva Hambleton, Pauline Norman, Mrs Cowling and Mrs Burgess, and they carried themselves with the poise of practised mannequins, though usually they are serving behind the counter at Clegg's .

Noticeable features were the pre-dominance of feathers as trimming, the popularity of the off-the-face hat and the tendency tcwards a one-sided outline by the skilful use of side draping in gowns and off-centre bows on hats. Colour combinations of note were: black and sage green, cherry and turquoise, and turquoise and brown.

As an added note of colour a large white cameo-type brooch was pinned to the lapel of the coat. For the fuller figure was a charming brown fur fabric coat with full swing back from a circular yoke. With this was one of the new hats figuring the east-to-west trend, and underneath was an ice-blue wool dress trimmed with self-coloured frilling. Having long sleeves with turn back reefer cuffs it should be a cosy style for the colder days.

The evening dresses were outstandingly smart, in particular a lemon crepe trimmed with black sequins on the pockets, and a full draped skirt, worn with a silver fax cape. Peploms were a noticeable feature of the evening wear, being either draped or pleated and longer than some months ago, when they were first introduced. The woollen indoor suits in fine jersey cloth were very attractive. but at 14 coupons they are out of reach of the woman who wants a winter coat out of her ration of 20 coupons.
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