Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Friday, 1 February 2008

1920s Sizing Machine

This picture from 1921 shows a sizing machine from Ashton Bros. Mill.

The mill has since been demolished.

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  1. Health and Safety would have an heart attack at that machine now.
    Both my parents and my sister worked at Ashton Brothers.. in fact I think it was in the works yard my mum and dad met.
    The woodlands that both me and my mate Peter have been posting about was part of their family home at Pole Bank Hall.
    The Ashton family helped Hyde to grow, it helped to pay for churches to be built, housing in Flowery Field for Managers and workers alike.
    My sister as their family bible that she got from a Jumble Sale in the 1960s... it is a big old thing with all the names in. It was often read from as the pages are well used and dog eared at the corners.


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