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Old Hyde
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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Church Brow Gardens (repost)

Church Brow is just below Wood End Street and this photograph (c.1910) shows the allotments in the valley of the Gower Hey Brook.

There were still allotments there in 2007 alongside Woodend Street, but the valley is now much more thickly wooded and below Gower Road is an estate of new houses.

When this was first posted, Tom Wigley wrote in the comments
where this picture was taken from, later had allotments on them as well. My father had his allotment here. There was a farm here called Fawleys Farm. I spent many a day in my childhood feeding chickens and rabbits that dad kept there. He was also into Pigeon Racing and was Secretary and Treasurer of Hyde Homing Society and Gee Cross Homing Society. When these allotments were pulled down and the land used for housing he moved over to Church Brew, it was the biggest Pigeon Loft on there, and I think it still stands. It is on the bank of St Georges Church. He shared that with George Higgingbotton and Stefen Zeaman.
The 2010 view of this area can be seen on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. Not too much has changed in a century, has it? At least some things are spared the harsh ravages of time...

  2. I recall this area so well Gerald as you have so kindly put into your post. Dads allotment had its own spring well... I recall collecting water for flower beds and water for the chicks and rabbits... it was always cold... and never ran dry as long as I remember. We would drink it and not think twice about it. The steam trains would pass by carrying folks backwards and forwards to Hyde station... the drivers would blow there whistle and wave... sometimes in summer if the grass was very dry a spark would set the grass on fire and it was a rush to put it out... I recall one allotment owner loosing his stock and fencing to a late night fire. Everyone helped him to rebuild and give him some of their chickens... I suppose it was like that back then.


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