Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Dukinfield Arms 1990

These pictures of the Dukinfield Arms were sent to me by Alan Young.

A guitarist with the classic rock band, Par Avion from Charleston, WV, he came over in June 1990, together with Tim Thompson (manager & bass guitarist), Brian Young (drummer), Tena Hall (vocalist and now his wife) and Dennis Loudermilk (sound technician). They stayed with Harry Anderson the landlord of the Dukinfield Arms, and performed gigs there, at the Hallbottom Gate Inn in Newton and somewhere called Richmond's (?).

Shortly after they left, Harry moved out having sold the pub. It is now a convenience store as you can seen on Hyde Daily Photo.

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  1. I'd almost forgot how it looked Gerald... love the lamp fitting..


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