Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Potter Family Grave

This is the Potter family grave in the grounds of Hyde Chapel where lie buried the parents and grandparents of Beatrix Potter.

Click on the photograph for an enlarged view.

Beatrix was the daughter of Helen and Rupert and was born on 28th July 1866 at their London home. Her paternal grandfather, Edmund Potter was a successful cotton manufacturer with mills at Dinting, near Glossop, a radical MP, and a friend of Cobden and Bright. Her maternal grandmother, Jane Leech was from another prominent local Unitarian family, the Ashtons of Hyde and was the sister of Thomas Ashton of Pole Bank Hall and the first Mayor of Hyde. She married John Leech in 1832. They had eight children (two of whom died in infancy) and it was their daughter Helen who was Beatrix Potter's mother.

See Hyde Daily Photo for a view of the tombstone in situ.

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