Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Prince Henry in Hyde

On Thursday 6th February 1930, Prince Henry, third son of George V, visited Hyde.

He was met at Pole Bank by the Mayor, Alderman Middleton.

Crowds lined the route along Stockport Road and Market Street all the way from Gee Cross to the Town Hall.

The entourage of dignatories proceeded to Beeley Street where the Prince was presented with a gold key which he used to open the new Hyde Lads Club. There he was treated to a gymnastic display.

The procession then made its way to the Town Hall where, after a presentation, lunch was served to 300 guests which included the Mayors of several neighbouring towns.

Afterwards the Mayor and the Chief Constable accompanied the Prince to Broomstair Bridge where they handed him over to the Lord Mayor of Manchester.

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