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Old Hyde
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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Godley Station 1989

This photograph is by Peter Whatley and used here with permission.

It was taken in March 1989 and shows the Manchester-bound platform and a train heading towards Godley Junction.

On Hyde Daily Photo you can see recent photographs of the platform (taken from the opposite end of the station) and of the line towards Godley East.


  1. It's funny how it looked in way better condition then than it does now. It's a shame that its not in as good condition.

  2. I presume this is the "new" Godley station at the arches and not the "old" Godley Junction station it replaced.

  3. My grandad was the signal man at godley junction for years! I have some old pictures of the line viewed from the signal box and my mother has an old picture taken of him inside the signal box around the 60's


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