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Friday, 1 January 2010

Captain Clarke's Bridge 1984

Photograph © Janet Howie taken Easter 1984.

The towpath of the Peak Forest Canal changes sides at this point.

A horse, pulling a narrowboat along with a towline attached to its harness, would walk up and cross the bridge then curve down and go under the bridge, or in the opposite direction would walk under the bridge then up around the curve, over the canal and down the other side. The towline could remain attached the whole time, which would save the boatmen both time and effort.

It is named after the navel officer, John Clarke who lived at Wood End in the 19th century.

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  1. How bright and clear this view is.

  2. I remember when I had such a hard time imagining how the tow line didn't have to be detached. This photo makes it so obvious! Thanks, Gerald.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I do like this photo - the blue of hte boat and the marvelous reflections.
    Happy New Year, good health, a full pocket and best wishes for 2010.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  4. thats a Wonderful picture....

    Have a wonderful Year ahead... :-)

  5. Sounds like it's much less confusing with a boat with a motor!

    A beautiful photo, makes me want to come paint the scene!

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  6. how far we have come to do this much work. wow, your photo causes one to think. Happy New year!

  7. Such a simple but brilliant engineering feat.

  8. A clever concept on a clear day. Would have been great to be on that boat - as long as one's not in a hurry, I suppose...


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