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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Yorkshire Bank 1990

This 1990 view of Market Street was taken outside the Clarendon Hotel, by Alan Young. Alan was playing with the West Virginian classic rock band Par Avion who were over in the UK doing a few gigs. I'm not sure about the presence of the ambulance - what interests me is the Yorkshire Bank across the road.

Now, as can be seen on Hyde Daily Photo it is sandwiched between the Chicken Hut and Subway.

It had different neighbours twenty years ago. The shop above was Etcetera which I think was a ladies dress and accessories shop. The shop below was Granada TV Sales & Rentals
and to the right of that was Greenwoods Gents Outfitters.

According to Wikipedia
the bank was established on 1 May 1859 by Colonel Edward Akroyd of Halifax. Based in Leeds it was known as the West Riding Penny Savings Bank. It had originally been planned as a provident society but the status of savings bank was eventually chosen. ... The bank was operated on a non-profit making basis and in 1860 it was decided to extend operation to the other ridings of Yorkshire {and later obviously to surrounding counties}.

To recognise this the name was changed to the Yorkshire Penny Bank. In 1872 it issued cheque books for the first time, primarily for small tradesmen. At that time the bank became the first to create school banks, to encourage the idea of saving at an early age. {I recall as a child having a number of savings boxes and piggy-banks donated by the YPB}

... In its centenary year of 1959 the bank's name changed to the more familiar Yorkshire Bank Limited. During the 1970s the bank became one of the first to offer fee-free banking whilst in credit, a move that took bigger rivals a decade to follow. In 1982 it adopted public limited company status.

In 1990 it was acquired by the National Australia Bank who in 2005 announced its intention to merge the Yorkshire Bank with the Clydesdale under one operating licence, in which the former would be a trading name of the latter. Both operate under separate identities although the Clydesdale brand is the one that has been used in further expansion into the south of England.
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  1. Interesting post for the Y day, Gerald! Always enjoy your photos! Hope you have a great week!


  2. Not the Alan Young who was in Mr. Ed, is it?

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. I first thought of Mr. Ed like Roger asked.
    You always have such interesting things to post about the area where you live.

  4. You always have the most thought provoking posts that are filled with information and education.

  5. I remember the Yorkshire Penny Bank. I wanted to do something on Yorkshire, but it involved too many complicated things to post it in my frame of mind at that moment. Yorkshire Pudding would have been my #1 choice.

  6. I love the earlier name Penny Savings Bank. Appeals to the kid in me and brings back memories of learning to save with the US school savings program started by Rex Stout.

  7. Excellent post and Picture Gerald.. Great info about the bank as well...


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