Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Friday, 6 May 2011

Mechanics Intitute

Hyde Mechanics Institute was founded in 1850. It was built on the former site of Hyde Lane Independent Chapel, which was purchased by Mr. Benjamin Goodfellow (the founder of an engineering works on Mottram Road), and converted into a Mechanics' Institute and then generously handed over to trustees. Classes for teaching elementary subjects were held regularly every winter. There was also a reading room and a small library attached, lectures were given at intervals by noted men.

The old building was succeeded in 1861 by the building shown above. Part of the expense of the new building was met by a public subscription and a series of Penny Readings helped to wipe off the debt of £1,200 with which the building opened. The Mechanics' Institute played an important part in the development of old Hyde, particularly in the education of general knowledge among the working classes. In 1894 it was transferred to Hyde Corporation, and became the precursor of the Technical School and Library.

More information can be found on Hyde Cheshire.

The present building was opened in 1897, see Hyde Daily Photo.


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