Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

The PSA, (Pleasant Sunday Afternoon) was a reformer's answer to men languishing in the pubs and families left at home.

Until the day it closed it was only 1d (old penny) to get in and enjoy all the activities with a cup of tea and biscuits thrown in.

The building was on Market Street, just lower down than the junction with Union Street.

These photographs come courtesy of the Hydonian blog.

For a relic of the PSA see Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. Love the sign on the last photo!!

  2. The Hyde PSA sign (first photo) still exists in the front garden of a house in Hyde.

  3. what a wonderful post. From the days when integrity, civic responsibility, and taking care of your neighbor was commonplace. I love the photos. PSA, that is funny!

  4. Wonderfull work as usual.
    Nice comment from Ken Mac with whom I totally agree.

    A period of great social change and the boom of the industrial revolution yet men found time to organise build libraries, meeting rooms and halls. I often wonder what life was really like in those times.


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