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Old Hyde
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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Restaurant (British)

This was the British Restaurant in Hyde during WWII.

British Restaurants were communal kitchens created during the Second World War to ensure communities and people who had run out of rationing coupons were still able to eat. They were set up by the Ministry of Food and run by local committees on a non-profit making basis. Meals were purchased for a set price of 5 shillings or less. No-one could be served with a meal of more than one serving of meat, game, poultry, fish, eggs, or cheese.

Originally called Community Feeding Centres, the name British Restaurants was preferred by Winston Churchill.

Hyde Swimming Baths on Union Street was commandeered to provide the service. The site is now a car park.

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  1. A most needed "Restaurant" during the war. Sad, though. I`m glad i have a good life today. Just think about the contrasts from those days up till now....

    My R

  2. Very interesting. Not something iwa familiar with, so again alesson learned. Good r.

  3. The water in the swiming baths was covered over for these meal Gerald and the boards removed when needed. The old baths looked much the same until they came down.

  4. Interesting post - a great history lesson. :D

  5. Churchill was right: a much better name. It's too bad they turned the baths into a parking lot. A real shame.

  6. Reminded me of Butlins in the 50's!


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