Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Friday, 2 May 2008

Royal Visit to Hyde 1946

The Royal Visit To Hyde by Their Majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabeth.

This rare footage was filmed on Dowson Road by George Wain in July 1946.


  1. Wow What a find Gerald... I will see if I can come with anything about this.


  2. Mum now 89 remembers this well.

    I was taking her on a virtual tour of our home town and we came across this rare clip.

    George Wain was well known to mum.
    He later taught at St George's street school. We lived at 17 Syddall street.

    That's me 57 seconds into the clip with mum on the left. I was 4 months old!!!
    My very first appearance on film!

    Well done Gerald!


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