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Old Hyde
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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Hyde Grammar School Photo July 1959

Seftonwallet has just added a new video to his YouTube collection. It is an eight-minute scan over the school photo from 1959.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year OLd Hyde!

  2. Good memories! I have an original of this photo which I believe is in better condition than the one scanned. Is there an "Old Hydonians" group in existence?

    Bill Smith (1955-60) now in New Zealand

  3. Amazing, after more that 40 years I still recognize Hans Sielig. He was our German and Music teacher. I remember how we all hated being forced to go to the Halle Orchestra in Manchester, so that Hans got a free ticket, and then how grateful I am for a life long appreciation for classical music.
    Best to all,
    Dave Williamson, now in Phoenix, USA.

    1. Ah yes. Good old Sam. At first, after we'd been coerced into buying tickets, we would walk through the bar in the Free Trade Hall so that he could see us, then we'd go home. Gradually it dawned on us that the best bits were often in the second half, so we stayed the course. I ran into him again in Hemel Hempstead as my orchestra used to play there from time to time.

      Tom Uprichard (1954 - 61 approx.)
      London N16

  4. Strewth! I stumbled on the 1959 photo and not only recognized myself (tall pimply 14 year old youth), but recognized quite a few staff: Mr F C Couzens of course, Ernie Martin Maths and Deputy Head at the Godley annex, 'Polly' Parrot, French and RI, George Waine Art (my favorite subject), Mr Cauldwell History, Mr Price PE, Mr Seelig Music (I was at the Halle when the news of the Munich Air crash). Happy days! Bring back Grammars.

    John (Tony) Bancroft 1957 - 1963 approx


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