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Old Hyde
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Friday, 23 April 2010

Clarendon Hotel 1990

This photograph of the Clarendon Hotel on Market Street was taken by Alan Young from a bus in June 1990.

Alan was playing with the West Virginian classic rock band Par Avion who were over in the UK doing a few gigs.

I'll be posting a few more of his photos over the next few weeks or so.

The Clarendon Hotel is now the Last Orders and you can see how it looks in 2010 on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. Hi Gerald
    This is a pub I have visited many times in the past...
    In the 70s & 80s the landlord 'Bll' kept a very good pub here. There used to be a good 'Vault' which did well throughout the day. Tea times saw this pub doing very well.
    I remember the 'Dark Mild' being a good pint here... and he kept a good Bitter, and his Guinness was always as it should be ... Cold..
    Bill was a great bloke, who not just worked the bar and kept the pub going but looked after his wife who suffered ill health and lost her sight.
    I was sad to see him leave and I do not think the pub as been as good since. It was the kind of pub that any town centre would have been proud of.

  2. Love seeing photo's from different time frames at the same spot. I worked across the road from the Clarendon Hotel. I know I went in the odd time but cannot remember what it was like inside. This was back in the very early 80's. I'm sure it has certainly changed inside since then.

  3. This was a great pub until they started to 'Yuppiefy' everything.

    They changed it's name to 'The Beer Engine', and had sacking hanging from the ceiling, with mock graffiti on the walls, and barrel lids as tables, how pathetic (!)

    It as never been the same since.

  4. As they say here in Thailand, "same same, different".


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