Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Gee X Mill 1984

A photograph of the Peak Forest Canal taken by Janet Howie, Easter 1984.

Gee X Mill in the background has since been demolished and replaced by a modern residence with lawns down to the canal.

See how it looks now on sithenah.

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  1. Terrific reflection shot, Gerald! Love the boat! Great detail! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I really like the white and blue flowing into the water

  3. Gee Cross mill looked so sad with the top of the tower gone.... a large water trough was at the very top of the tower... covered in a roof of lead inside was a wooden laddr that lead to a trap door and one could open this and walkaround a small railing enclosed square... the view was fantastic but not for the faint hearted... I know I could not stand that hight now... ha!

  4. Beautiful refections!
    Happy weekend.

  5. I believe the property that now stands on this site was built using reclaimed brick form the mill.

    So it's nice to think that the mill still lives on, just in another guise.

  6. Ghost of Red Pump St10 May 2010 at 20:52

    Just to the right of this picture use to be a piece of land we use call the bike track and sepnt many a summer night there with my BMX. A bit further along facing GX mill theres a path going down to the river Tame which about half way down had old air raid shelters that I remember playing in !!!


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