Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Friday, 8 February 2008

Edwardian Fashion

Edwardian Fashion.


  1. My Grandfather was a Taylor, his shop was on Hamnett Street in Hyde.. the family lived above. He'd lost a leg in the first world war, and was trained by a Jewish man from Manchester to be a Taylor on his release from the army. He smoked Capstan Full Strength but would never smoke over the cloth he was working on. My mother would be called to light him a cigerette when he was working, she of course would have a crafty drag or two while holding the ciggy... she would be about 10-11 then. Can you imagine the out cry now. Mum did smoke all her life... not Capstan, but Woodbine.
    Later in life my granddad married again, but he always told my mum and her sister Doris that when he died they were to make sure to check his leg.... his money was their 'Leg'acy you see.

  2. GRooooon!

    I wonder if this is outside the town hall

  3. Didn't know they used fish eye lenses in Victorian times. I wonder what people will think of our fashions in 100 years time?

  4. owt you are a mine of information - many thanks.

    lizzy yes it is indeed outside the TH

    g'sm Victorian is pre-Edwardian! The image is authentic; the treatment is mine.


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