Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Friday, 29 February 2008

Market Ground with Watering Trough

I'm not sure of the date of this photograph.

It is clearly of the Market Ground opposite the Town Hall as the White Lion can be clearly seen behind that gorgeous looking lamp on top of the old-style watering trough. It is a pity it could not have been preserved. It puts modern street furniture to shame.


  1. Vintage photographs are the best because they reveal so much about the community's past.

  2. So interesting. I love old photos.

  3. Gerald I do not remember the Water trough ever being there but I can tell you that I have drank from that very same one many many times... The trough was placed in Hyde Park, next to to paddling pool. The pool as now been filled in and is next to the play area. It would be interesting to know if the trough is still there. I will check the next time I drive by.
    I have also seen such a lamp in old photo's outside of the Queens Hotel and the Jolly Carter.


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