Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Friday, 22 February 2008

Middleton's Drapers

This drapers on Manchester Road was started by Charles Swindells around 1860. In the 1870s ownership passed to his son-in-law Henry Middleton who continued to run the shop until about 1914.

The photograph was taken c.1905.


  1. I think it became The Beehive a childrens clothiers near the corner of Neton Street.
    Yes Lizzie we are say hi to your Dad. Hi Gerald & Tom
    From Downsie21 (I've forgotten my username etc.)

  2. Downsie21 says that should read Newton St.

  3. Would this have been near to the Boars Head?

  4. A good photo from the past. I bet if shops displayed goods like that these days, they'd all get pinched.

  5. Charles Swindells was my 3x gt grandfather. If anyone has any imfo on his family or are also connected in some way then please get in touch:-
    Sylvia Robinson nee Smith b.1953 Hyde


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