Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Monday, 21 April 2008

The East Side of Market Street

This is the East side of the top part of Market Street from before the First World War.

It looks quite a bit different now.


  1. It does look different now & its the worse for it. Most shopping areas look the same now, but back in the good old days & not so old (1980's) each road had its own unique identity.

  2. They still dress like that here. No only joshing. It would be nice if town streets, did not have the heart ripped out of them and stay a little more on the individual side. It's a lovely time capsule of sniff a bygone era.

  3. Quite a contrast, interesting picture.

  4. From 2014: I'm in Hyde every day and I can't place this image-possibly because of the disappearance of certain buildings (though most of the ones shown are probably still there): can you help?

    1. I believe the big building is the former Mechanics Institute long since demolished.


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