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Old Hyde
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Friday, 11 April 2008

Edith and Dorothy Woodhead

This 1921 photograph of Edith and Dorothy Woodhead, the daughters of Samuel Woodhead and Annie Gee, was sent to me by Edith's daughter, Ruth Beck.

Ruth is researching her family history. She writes
When my mum died in 2000, all of our family history died with her. One day, going through my mother's things, I found a marriage certificate for Annie Gee of Romiley and Sam Woodhead of Stalybridge. Annie's father was Edwin Gee. Martha was listed as Agatha on the census, her father was Henry Bardsley and Kenyon was her mother's married name to Edward Kenyon who died before Martha was born. The earliest Gees I have found were in Apethorn in the early 1700s. Other addresses I found during the 1800s were Werneth Low Coal Pits, Pinfold, New Houses, Werneth, PoleAcre Lane. My grandfather owned 4 homes in Greave Fold in the early 1900s and Edwin died while living at 6 Fern Street in 1945. So I have done quite well with lots of help from many folks in your area. The place I would have liked to have found more information about was Beech Lane, where Peter Gee died in 1849. I think it was a home for the infirmed as the witness to his death was Mary Gee, an inmate and Peter died of diarrhea. He would have been 72. I think most of my family are buried at Stockport, Saint Mary.

Update 2014: The contact previous given for Ruth is now a dead link.


  1. superbe cet ancien portrait. j'aime beaucoup, et on peut admirer la coupe de cheveux très typé de l'époque.

    This former superb portrait. I like very much, and one can admire the haircut very typical of the time.

  2. Gerald, I believe you do Hyde a great service with this blog. "Old Hyde" is wonderful use of the web: niche markets, in a way. But even over here in California I love to poke around on this blog and wonder about early times. Fascinating.

  3. Have you heard of a magazine called, "The Black Country Bugle?" I mention it because it's old photos, tales, news items etc from the area I'm originally from. Realtives still send it to me and it's facsinating.

    "Old hyde" reminds me of this magazine,and I wondered had you ever considered doing something similar in this form for those that aren't on the net?

    The girls very much of the time and wonderful to see photos like these and the tales behind them.


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