Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Sundial Cottage

Dated 1697, this cottage on Pudding Lane had a stone sundial on its front.

The photograph was taken around 1905.

Although a listed building, it was badly vandalised and eventually demolished. Only the names of two terraces, Sundial Walk and Sundial Close on the Hattersley estate now commemorate the site.

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  1. Once upon a time.....
    A beautiful house!
    I`m sad to hear that it no longer exists.
    It is much nicer than all the modern architecture...

  2. So sad that we allow these treasurs to disappear, one by one, until one day, we look around and no longer remember our heritage.

  3. On my list of things that annoy me, is letting old building get rundown, open to vandals, or simply demolished. Kelly is spot on. Preservation is a must. Excellent choice for Old Hyde.

  4. "Louis" agrees with the Sentiments of others posting here, Sad to See these fine old buildings lost.....

  5. demolished! How come this happended to a listed building? Don't understand...

  6. Hyde and the hamlets surrounding it lost many such homes and houses over the last 100 years. I have read up on this are Gerald and it had many such cottages and farms.. only a very few survived

  7. I love all of these old photos they are FANTASTIC!!!


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