Old Hyde

Old Hyde
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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Uplands Farm

This 1920s picture of Uplands Farm on Werneth Low features Violet Warner.

She and her husband lived there with her sister who was the wife of Wright Robinson, an active trade unionist who was Lord Mayor of Manchester 1941-42.

In the summer months they provided teas for ramblers and advertised by posting notices in rhyme on woodland trees.

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  1. Posting notices in rhyme must have been highly unusual - and effective. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Rhyming noticies must have been fun. A much more civilised way to advertise one's wares. Very pituresque image.

  3. I enjoy reading of historic places very much. Have you popped over to my post yet? Historic Canada.
    Can you post in rhyme? LOL

  4. Tea.....always good. Rhyming notices? What a hoot...worth a shoot! LOL!

  5. If rambling around is getting to thee...
    call at Uplands for afternoon Tea.

    Great picture and post Gerald

  6. Nice photos Hyde! Thank you for the warning! It's very attentive of you to delete my wrong url.


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