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Old Hyde
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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Wakes Week

This 1950s picture shows Hyde during Wakes Week.

Wakes Weeks were a tradition across the industrial North of England, especially Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cheshire. Each town had its own Wakes Weeks in June, July or August. Whole towns would virtually close down for one or two weeks. For large mills and factories it made more sense to close completely rather than allow workers to take their holidays at staggered times.

Many people went away to Blackpool, Morecambe, Southport and other destinations. For those that remained at home, there was usually a local fair to attend.

The tradition lived on well into the 1980s but has now largely been abandoned.

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  1. Yet again 4 such different w's. Haven't heard od these in a long time. Now these reaaly are from another era. Excellent and very original choice.

  2. I remember this well Gerald.. I can still remember the rides on that fair from back in the 1960s.. the fair rides were I think John Collins who's son's and grandsons are still showmen and proud of it. The now travle all over with their fair ground rides.
    I remember winning a bow and arrow at one of the showbooths, but my mum took it off me because I tied my brother to a lamp post and kept firing it at him... ha!.. I remember it had a sucker on the end and it stuck to his forehead.. ha! LOL he did cry.

  3. You always have so many great posts!
    Nive shots and nice to read!

  4. That time sounds so idyllic, though I am sure they worked harder than we do today.

  5. Yes Wakes Weeks have virtually ceased to exist but you'll find that some people will still go on holiday during those weeks just out of habit.

    Moving to Heywood in the early 1970's was an eye opener - we had never experienced Wakes Weeks when every little corner shop closed for the two weeks ..


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