Old Hyde

Old Hyde
Pole Bank 1910 ----------------------------------------------------------Town Hall 1937 --------------------------------------------- Cenotaph 1990

Friday, 4 April 2008

North Cheshire Herald Offices 1910

The North Cheshire Herald & Hyde & Glossop General Advertiser was founded by George Booth in 1853.

From 1860 it was edited and printed on a steam printing press in Hamnett Street.

In the 1930s it changed its name to the North Cheshire Herald & Hyde Reporter. At various times separate editions were printed for Longdendale and for Marple, Bredbury & Romily.


  1. I like the old hyde idea. Where do you get the photos from?

  2. Hi Gerald..
    That old book of mine all about Hyde... was printed here... I remember the old builds being pulled down.


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